1. The user is solely responsible to determine whether the access and use of Monet is permitted under any applicable laws. The user should inform himself/herself about local laws or regulations before opening an account at Monet. It is the user’s sole responsibility to stay informed about local laws or regulations each time he/she plays.

  2. The user must keep his/her account details up-to-date at all times.

  3. The user is prohibited to sell, transfer or acquire Monet member accounts.

  4. The user is fully responsible for all taxes, fees and other costs incidental to and arising from any winnings resulting from use of Monet

  5. The user’s login details are highly confidential. The user is obliged to keep his/her login details confidential. The user should at all times, use his/her best efforts to protect the confidentiality of his/her login details.

  6. The user should never write down, communicate or share passwords with any other person. It’s the user’s responsibility to keep his/her account information, user name and password secret and confidential. Should a user give away, share, or lose his/her user name and/or password, Monet will not be held responsible for any loss or damage as a result thereof. A Monet employee will never ask for a user’s password.

  7. The user is responsible for any unauthorised use of his/her user name or password. The user is responsible for all activity on his/her account.

  8. The user is prohibited to acquire, transfer or sell funds from Monet member accounts.

  9. Monet uses advanced methods for the encryption of user name and password information. The user will not break in, access or attempt to break in or access or otherwise bypass Monet's security. If Monet suspects that the user has attempted to or may be attempting to break in, Monet reserves the right to inform the applicable authorities and block or close the user’s account.

  10. Playing at Monet is restricted to individuals of legal age as determined in the jurisdiction in which the user resides. Under no circumstances may the user register or play if he/she is under 18 years of age. If any funds are deposited by an underage individual the funds will be forfeited to the Curaçao eGaming Commission

  11. The user is fully aware of the fact that there is a risk of losing money through the use of Monet's services.

  12. The user is fully aware of all terms and conditions and has read them carefully before opening up a member account at Monet

  13. Monet recommends that the user retains a copy of transaction records.

  14. Monet recommends that the user retains a copy of these terms and conditions.

  15. Monet users agree that they don’t buy raffle tickets for their own raffles.

  16. Monet takes the rights to remove raffle buys that show suspicious activity from the draws.

    1. For that, the raffle is halted from draw at unusual activities.
    2. The draw is still on-chain with the valid buys.
    3. Commitment is to improve this algorithm so that suspicious rafflers are not showing up on the homepage.
  17. Please refer to the guide below on how fraudulent activity is treated

    Monet Guidelines, and Policy Statement on Fraudulent Activity

  18. For IRL raffles, you need to refer to the guidelines beneath

    Monet Guidelines, and Policy Statement: In Real Life (IRL) Product Raffle

Short Guidelines